Reduxology’s Strange Choices

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Dr. Strange

Over the past decade, viagra buy online Marvel Comics superheroes have exploded onto cinema screens with power that rivals their long history of printed exploits.  Strangely (ahem, viagra canada pardon the pun) Marvel’s iconic mystic, Dr. Strange has not yet received a theatrical treatment.

Dr. Strange may not be a familiar name outside of comic book circles, but that hasn’t stopped some other less deserving characters from ending up on the big screen, such as Elektra.  There is talk that a Dr. Strange movie is fourth coming, and it only makes sense that he should get his own movie.  After all, he has made a cameo in just about every animated television series that Marvel has done, and there was a made for television movie in 1978 starring Peter Hooten ( a real gem of seventies TV super heroics.)

Holy Dirty Parodies

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Batman XXX : A Porn Parody

Batman XXX : A Porn Parody

On May 24th, generic viagra buy Vivid Entertainment Group released “Batman XXX : A Porn Parody” amidst an unprecedented amount of media coverage. Numerous mainstream news outlets and websites that usually do not report on the happenings of hardcore pornography, such as Reduxology, have had something to say about the movie that Vivid is calling…”The most anticipated XXX parody of the year.”


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