John Carter “of Mars” – 2012 (Reduxology’s Review)

“Publicity is essential to success. With all of the thousands of books on display in a book shop I had to spend every effort to have my covers not only artistic, best cialis ask but at the same time demanding the attention of the passerby.” – Edgar Rice Burroughs

Sadly, buy viagra those words spoken by author Edgar Rice Burroughs were not heeded by Disney Studio’s marketing department when they adapted one of Burroughs most influential characters to the big screen.  The movie John Carter, came and went from theaters with barely a whisper of the usual advertising and merchandising hype associated with a movie boasting a 250 million dollar production budget.   As a result the movie was a commercial failure just barely making back it’s production expense with a world wide box office total of nearly 283 million.

The Avengers – 2012 (Reduxology’s Review)

The existence of a major “kick-ass” theatrical movie based on Marvel Comics “Avengers” is almost as fantastical as the Avengers characters themselves, buy viagra sovaldi sale because for decades no one thought it was possible.  Once upon a time people use to say that there are things you can do in a comic book, cure or cartoon, here that just can’t be done in a live-action movie. The Avengers prove that statement is no longer valid.  This movie is a dream come true for life long comic book fans such as myself, and it raises the bar and expectations of all future super hero films.

Decade of the Superhero Part Two: The Five Worst

Spider-man 3 - 2007

Like most comic book fans I am quick to chastise treatments of  my favorite characters that just don’t live up to expectations. Since I highlighted what I feel were the ten best superhero adaptations, cialis generic diagnosis it seems only fitting that Reduxology places a spotlight onto the worst.  Without further ado,  here are the worst 5 comic book superhero movies from the past decade.

Hulk - 20035. Hulk – 2003

Decade of the Superhero Part One: The Ten Best

Superman Returns - Flying

Since their earliest days on the news stands, generic cialis troche comic book superheroes have been a source for movies, but that vein has never been more frequently and successfully tapped than this past decade.  As we begin the new year, and the new decade, Reduxology would like to highlight the ten best movies, of the multitude of superhero adaptations that  the new millennium has brought.

Punisher - 200410. The Punisher – 2004

DC Animated Movies Part Two: The Wish List

Okay, sildenafil there so I’ve recapped what Warner Brothers Animation and DC Comics have done so far with their direct to DVD animated movies.  Now, sildenafil here I’m going to speculate about five projects I personally would like to see them tackle.  This “Wish List” is not all just “fan-boy” fantasizing by the way, ambulance their is also commercial merit to most of my choices. At least I’d like to thing their is commercial merit, but it could be the fan-boy in me trying to rationalize. You decide.