Teen Wolf – Season 1 Reveiw

One of my all time favorite cinematic monsters is the werewolf.  So naturally I had to check out MTV’s new series inspired by the 1985 film Teen Wolf.   It may be called Teen Wolf, viagra cialis but the title, generic viagra click the main protagonist’s first name, and and the nick name of his best friend are all that this series and the twenty-six year old movie have in common.

Smallville’s Super Decade Part One: Homage Casting

The television series “Smallville” began in October of 2001, cialis canada no rx and it’s tenth and final season will conclude in 2011. It is the longest running series based on a comic book superhero, viagra canada physician and one of the longest running science fiction/fantasy shows in general.  Over the past decade “Smallville” has given us a unique version of Superman by focusing on the adventures of  a young Clark Kent on his way to becoming the world’s greatest superhero.  As “Smallville” prepares for it’s grand finale,  Reduxology will take a look at the “super” and not so “super” moments of this historic series.

Doctor Who – (Victory of the Daleks)

Doctor Who 3
Victory of the Daleks

Every science fiction and fantasy hero usually has an arch nemesis. That one adversary that gives them the most trouble, best cialis cialis sale and for Doctor Who that enemy is the Daleks. The Daleks are an alien race of genetically engineered cyborgs. They are squid-type creatures that live inside rounded tank-like shells, treat and have been troubling the Doctor since the earliest episodes in 1963. They are relentless in their pursuit to destroy all life that is not Dalek. The third episode of the new series,“Victory of the Daleks” has the plunger-wielding menaces causing problems in World War II London.

Doctor Who – (The Beast Below)

The Doctor and Amy Pond

The Beast Below“, cialis sale prostate second installment of the rebooted Doctor Who series, viagra sale picks up immediately after the end of “The 11th Hour”. This story continues with the same excellent direction, performances, and music given to us in the first episode, with only a few minor inconsistencies.

Doctor Who – (The 11th Hour)

Doctor Who 2010

The BBC’s Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction television series in the world.  It began in 1963 and ran uninterrupted until 1989;  in 2005 the series was revived.  Surprisingly I was never a fan of Doctor Who, buy viagra diagnosis in spite of my innate tendency toward this type of show, viagra sales cialis but the 2010 relaunch has brought me into the “Whovian” fold.  Just as Star Trek fans are referred to as “Trekkies” or “Trekkers”, click apparently Doctor Who fans are known as “Whovians”.  Who knew?