Hulk-Out (Reduxology’s DVD Review)

The Incredible Hulk was released on DVD and Blue Ray this week. There are two editions available, generic viagra generic a single disc edition, and a three disc edition that includes a digital copy of the movie for i-pods and other portable media players.

The single disc edition features an audio commentary with with director Louis Leterrier, and actor Tim Roth whom played the Abomination. It’s about average for an audio commentary; it’s not particularly great, but it’s not a complete waste of time, if you enjoy commentary’s. The single disc edition also features six deleted scenes…

  • Bruce in Brazil
  • Bruce Meditates
  • Searching for the Flower
  • Building the Lab
  • After the Bottling Factory / General Greller
  • Ross and Blonsky conspire (extended)

The first five scenes are all throw aways, and I completely understand their deletion from the film. The extended scene between Ross and Blonsky however, should have been kept in the film unedited. This cut of the scene is more informative, and it reveals more about both characters, Ross in particular.

The second disc of the Special Edition features seventeen additional deleted scenes, that are well worth the extra dollars. Some of these scenes are also throw aways, but the majority should have been kept to enhance the movie.

  • Bruce Delivers Pizza – Throw away
  • The Computer Lab – Throw away
  • Bruce and Stanley – Throw away
  • Bruce Meets Leonard – Should have been kept
  • Bruce and Betty Talk – Should have been kept
  • Dinner with Bruce – Should have been kept
  • The Orchid – Should have been kept
  • Bruce and Leonard / Leonard’s house the next morning – Should have been kept
  • Bruce’s guilt – Should have been kept
  • Nature’s mystery – Should have been kept
  • Motel room conversation – Should have been kept
  • Ross and Greller – Should have been kept
  • Pawn Shop – Throw away
  • On the Hulk Hunt – Should have been kept
  • Ross and Spar – Should have been kept
  • Leonard calls Betty – Should have been kept

The running time of The Incredible Hulk is almost exactly two hours. I can appreciate the studio wanting to keep the running time from exceeding two hours for the theatrical cut, but extended cuts are often released on DVD. Two editions of the movie Ghost Rider were made available at the time of it’s release. The single disc edition of Ghost Rider was the theatrical cut with a running time of 110 minutes, but the two disc edition offered an extended cut of the movie with a running time of 123 minutes.

I’m extremely disappointed that the three disc special edition of The Incredible Hulk did not provide an extended cut of the film, with the majority of the deleted scenes inserted into the actual movie. I’m also disappointed the there was not a documentary about the history of the character. The DVD of the 2003 movie Hulk, included a mediocre special feature that talked about the evolution of the Hulk from comics, to Saturday morning cartoons, television and finally a feature film. Something like that would have been nice to see this time around. Maybe if enough fans cry out for a better DVD release for The Incredible Hulk than what we’ve been given, Universal will listen. After all, they wouldn’t want to make us angry, they wouldn’t like us when we’re angry.

For the review of the movie, … click here.

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