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Dr. Strange

Over the past decade, viagra buy online Marvel Comics superheroes have exploded onto cinema screens with power that rivals their long history of printed exploits.  Strangely (ahem, viagra canada pardon the pun) Marvel’s iconic mystic, Dr. Strange has not yet received a theatrical treatment.

Dr. Strange may not be a familiar name outside of comic book circles, but that hasn’t stopped some other less deserving characters from ending up on the big screen, such as Elektra.  There is talk that a Dr. Strange movie is fourth coming, and it only makes sense that he should get his own movie.  After all, he has made a cameo in just about every animated television series that Marvel has done, and there was a made for television movie in 1978 starring Peter Hooten ( a real gem of seventies TV super heroics.)

So the big question is, if and when a Dr. Strange film gets made, who should be the star?  Here are my top five picks, in no particular order.

5. Patrick Dempsey

It’s hard for me to speculate if he could pull off a convincing Stephen Strange.  To be honest, I don’t know if I would have thought of Patrick Dempsey if he himself hadn’t planted the idea.

Dempsey has been lobbying for the part for sometime now, and has been very vocal to the media about his desire to play Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme. The fact that he is such a huge fan of the comic book, means that he might actually do the part justice.

4. Johnny Depp

No stranger to strange roles, Johnny Depp seems a natural choice. With an authentic looking costume, and white streaks in his hair he would certainly look the part.

The only problem I would have with Depp is that these days he only seems to do projects for Tim Burton. With magic realms, demons and fantastical themes, a Dr. Strange movie seems like something that would appeal to Burton, but I’d rather not see a Burtonized Strange.

3. Gerard Butler

He has proven that he can be a bad-ass,  funny, charming and just about anything that the character of Stephen Strange would need to be.

I’m not sure I would call Gerard Butler an “A” list actor, but for superhero films that is sometimes an advantage.  After all, Chris Hemsworth that starred as Thor, is a relative newcomer.

However you might classify or categorize him, Butler has an impressive resume and could no doubt work magic if cast.

2. Oded Fehr

Seriously, I don’t think anyone could argue that Oded Fehr would not make a good Dr. Strange.

He has done his share of comic book related projects, providing his voice  for some animated  DC comics characters.  Ironically, among his voice credits is Doctor Fate, the DC  equivalent of Dr. Strange.  If chosen for the part, he will have the distinction of  being cast as both major comic companies magical heavy hitters.

In the words of Stan Lee “Nuff Said.”

1. Jim Caviezel

He had expressed an interest in playing Superman for the 2006 film, Superman Returns but Jim Caviezel was passed over because he was still so well known from having played Jesus Christ in 2004’s Passion of the Christ.

He had also been the original casting choice for (Scott Summers) Cyclops in the X-men, but he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with another film.  He obviously would like to star in a comic book movie, and he is not afraid to take on any role.

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