Director’s Cuts

Director’s cuts, buy viagra healing extended or special editions are a more recent phenomena that developed primarily with the rise of the home video industry, cialis usa sickness and really took off with the advent of DVDs.

When a movie is released for consumer purchase, it can be made more attractive buy offering content that was not available in theaters. DVD’s, and now Blu-ray discs excel at that with a multitude of features, but even prior to them alternate cuts of a film were used as a way to boost home interest. In fact, even prior to video cassettes, an alternate cut would be a selling point for television broadcasts. The 1978 theatrical film, Superman: The Movie was shown on the ABC television network in 1980; It aired in two parts, and included over thirty minutes of previously unseen footage.

The simple addition of deleated scenes to a movie does not really qualify the new cut as a “remake”, but sometimes director’s cuts can be radically different. When the director’s cut results in a very different viewing experience from the original cut of the film, then you could argue that the new cut is a type of remake. In 1997 George Lucus re-released his classic Star Wars films to theaters. The Star Wars Special Editions included new effects that were not possible when they were first done. Scenes were altered, music was altered, and the end product was a different film to be experienced. Whether or not you would call the Star Wars Special Editions “remakes”, there is no denying they represent a recycling of pop-culture.

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